Atkisson Marriage, Birth, Death and Baptism Notes

Marriage Records of Atkissons and Related Families

Atkinson, Arthur Breese, Cassa Aug 11, 1813 Williamson Co., TN
Barrett, Clifton Atkinson, Betsy Jun 2, 1835 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkison, Braxton Flippin, Mary Mar 2, 1826 Patrick Co., VA
Selph, James P. Atkinson, Catharine Feb 15, 1841 Williamson Co., TN
Atkisson, Charles Lewis, Mary Jan 5, 1796 Goochland Co., VA
Atkinson, Charles W. Willis, Nancy Nov 14, 1821 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkisson, Chisholm Atkisson, Eliza Feb 28, 1850 Goochland Co., VA
Hines, Thomas Adkerson, Chloe Dec 29, 1843 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkinson, Dossey Patton, Mary Ann Dec 18, 1832 Williamson Co., TN
Atkinson, Edmund Martin, Winnifred May 18, 1807 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkinson, Edward Morris, Louisa Feb 3, 1845 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Adkerson, Edward Farris, Polly Apr 21, 1817 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkinson, Edward H. Burck, Susan M. Mar 22, 1841 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkerson, Edward W. Simpson, Frances Jane Nov 18, 1850 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Swepston, Thomas Atkinson, Elizabeth Oct 29, 1807 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Walter, Robert Atkinson, Elizabeth Jan 1, 1813 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Jackson, Thompson F. Atkinson, Frances T. Dec 10, 1833 Williamson Co., TN
Hodge, William R. Atkinson, Frances S. Sep 2, 1834 Williamson Co., TN
Atkinson, Harrison P. Leprade, Jemima Feb 8, 1823 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Adkerson, Henry Rossett, Elizabeth Oct 7, 1799 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkerson, Henry Davis, Lucy Oct 20, 1815 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkinson, Henry M. Carter, Mary Oct 5, 1826 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Attkisson, Isaiah Ellis, Lucy Aug 21, 1792 Henrico Co., VA
Atkinson, James B. Riddle, Eady Dec 29, 1828 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkinson, James B. Shelton, Susan F. Dec 25, 1838 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Crawley, William C. Atkinson, Jane Sep 14, 1838 Williamson Co., TN
Atkisson, Jesse Hedley, Jency Dec 15, 1799 Halifax Co., VA
Atkinson, Jesse Mading, Rachel Apr 15, 1805 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkinson, Jessee Williams, Polley Dec 24, 1807 Henry Co., VA
Atkinson, Jesse B. Patton, Margaret Oct 27, 1831 Williamson Co., TN
Atkinson, Joel Emmerson, Rachel Apr 9, 1780 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkinson, John Owen, Mury  Dec 22, 1834 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Attkison, John Hodges, Susanna Jun 1, 1798 Goochland Co., VA
Atkerson, John Watkins, Sally Nov 13, 1795 Halifax Co., VA
Attinson, John Short, Sally 11/2/1815 Williamson Co., TN
Atkinson, John H. Hall, Mary P. Feb 20, 1823 Williamson Co., TN
Adkisson, John W. Staples, Martha Ann Oct 16, 1827 Henry Co., VA
Atkinson, John Jr. Staten, Sally Jul 26, 1836 Williamson Co., TN
Atkisson, Joseph Shelton, Marinda Aug 27, 1798 Goochland Co., VA
Atkisson, Joseph P. Atkisson, Susan E. Jan 8, 1850 Goochland Co., VA
Short, William H. Atkinson, Judith Aug 15, 1822 Williamson Co., TN
Flippin, Joseph Atkinson, Judith Mar 15, 1819 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Kirkpatrick, John O. Atkinson, Julia F. Aug 12, 1846 Williamson Co., TN
Buckley, Joshua Atkinson, Lucinda Dec 18, 1845 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Croft, Howard Atkinson, Lucy D. Mar 13, 1837 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Thomas, Jonas E. Atkinson, Martha Jul 13, 1829 Williamson Co., TN
Moore, Samuel Atkisson, Mary Nov 27, 1800 Stokes Co., NC
Gardner, George Atkinson, Mary Dec 21, 1813 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Berryman, James Atkinson, Mary Jul 6, 1833 Williamson Co., TN
Ragsdale, Richard Atkinson, Mary Jane Oct 29, 1846 Williamson Co., TN
Shields, Thomas Atkinson, Mary R. Dec 20, 1847 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Moor, Isaiah A. Atkinson, Mary W. Jul 5, 1833 Williamson Co., TN
Atkinson, Miles Keeling, Jane Mar 17, 1832 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Haynes, Franklin B. Atkerson, Nancy Jane Feb 14, 1843 Williamson Co., TN
Hodge, James Atkinson, Nancy B. Oct 30, 1832 Williamson Co., TN
Hancock, Rawley A. Atkinson, Nancy F. Nov 26, 1833 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkinson, Owen Campbell, Fanny Sep 19, 1825 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Alford, Andrew Atkinson, Polly May 27, 1828 Williamson Co., TN
Morrison, Jeremiah Adkison, Polly Jul 19, 1824 Patrick Co., VA
Brooks, Joseph Atkinson, Polly  Apr 24, 1823 Williamson Co., TN
Hardy, Lewis Atkinson, Polly Sep 4, 1819 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Carter, Fountain B. Atkinson, Polly A. Jun 28, 1823 Williamson Co., TN
Atkinson, Richard D. Harford, Elizabeth Jun 28, 1824 Williamson Co., TN
Atkinson, Robert W. Powell, Elizabeth Ann Feb 22, 1845 Williamson Co., TN
Mattock, William Atkisson, Ruth Feb 10, 1817 Henry Co., VA
Ham, Orange Atkinson, Sally May 15, 1817 Williamson Co., TN
Atkisson, Samuel Brown, Nancy Apr 1, 1803 Halifax Co., VA
Vaughn, John H. Atkinson, Sarah Aug 8, 1827 Williamson Co., TN
Brooks, James F. Atkisson, Sarah May 30, 1827 Halifax Co., VA 
Dodson, Greenville P. Atkinson, Sarah Dec 19, 1825 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Gibson, Charles Atkinson, Sarah May 21, 1810 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Owen, Jesse M. Atkinson, Sarah Dec 11, 1828 Williamson Co., TN
Taylor, James H. Atkinson, Sarah Ann Jul 16, 1842 Williamson Co., TN
Holland, Felix C. Atkinson, Sarah Jane Feb 23, 1843 Williamson Co., TN
Shields, William H. Atkinson, Sarah M. Dec 18, 1837 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Cook, Anderson Atkinson, Sinderilla Aug 4, 1836 Williamson Co., TN
Adkerson, Scarlett M. Banes, Rhoda Dec 18, 1843 Pittsylvania Co., VA
ATKISSON, Solomon EASTRIP, Elizabeth  5 Apr 1801 Stokes Co., NC
Atkisson, Stephen FRANS, Sally Aug 5, 1806 Patrick Co., VA
Atkinson, Stephen B. Corzine, Rachel Mihale Nov 7, 1844 Williamson Co., TN
Nowlin, Peyton Atkinson, Susan J. May 10, 1831 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkinson, Thomas Lambert, Lucinda Mar 10, 1824  Williamson Co., TN
Atkinson, Thomas B. Patterson, Mary E. Dec 19, 1842 Pittsylvania Co., VA
Atkinson, Tilman F. Pipskin, Harriet Jan 15, 1835 Williamson Co., TN
Atkinson, Tilman F. White, Mary Jun 27, 1822 Williamson Co., TN
Atkinson, Uriah T. Woodson, Lucy Jan 8, 1845 Pittsylvania Co., VA
ATKISSON, William  CHITTY, Suzania 22 Feb 1797 Cabarrus Co., NC
ATKISSON, William  ROSE, Sarah  15 Aug 1822 Cabarrus Co., NC
Atkinson, William Hobbs, Mary C. Oct 2, 1832 Williamson Co., TN

1700 Jul 18 John Adkins to Ann Childers. Henrico Co., VA

1716 Jan 17 William Atkinson to Elizabeth Parker, daughter of Richard Parker, at St. John's Church. Henrico Co., VA

1756 Dec 19 Henry Atkinson to Rachel Potter. Goochland Co., VA

1756 William Atkinson to Mary Perkins, daughter of Constantine Perkins, sister of Ann, wife of William Oglesby and sister of Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Ellis of Henrico Co., VA Goochland Co., VA

1757 Feb 6 Birth: Elizabeth Atkinson, daughter of William Atkinson and Mary Perkins. From The Douglas Register, p. 154

1757 Apr 9 Baptism: Elizabeth Atkinson. From The Douglas Register, p. 50.

1757 William Atkinson to Mary Perkins, daughter of Constantine Perkins; sister of Ann, wife of William Oglesby; and sister of Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Ellis of Henrico Co., VA Henrico, Co., VA

1762 Jan 22 Birth: Mildred Atkins, daughter of Stephen Atkins and Ann Hanson, born in fornication From "Douglas Register". Goochland Co., VA

1762 May 15 Stephen Atkinson to Ann Hanson, both of Goochland Co

1764 Jan 26 Birth: Martha Atkinson, daughter of Stephen and Ann Atkinson. Baptized Mar 15, 1764. Goochland Co., VA.

1766, May 1 Birth: William Atkinson, son of Stephen and Ann Atkinson. Baptized: Jun 27, 1766. Goochland Co., VA

1767 Feb 25 Joseph Adkinson to Susannah Childers, both of Hanover Co., VA.

1768 Nov 13 Birth: Charity Atkinson, daughter of Stephen and Ann Atkinson. Baptized: Dec 10, 1768. Goochland Co., VA

1769 Jan 31 Birth: Joseph Adkinson and Judith Childers, a daughter, Dolly. Baptized Mar 05, 1769. Goochland Co., VA

1769, Sep 11 George Davidson of Prince Edward Co., VA to Brazelear Atkins (who writes own consent). Witnesses: James Atkins and William Atkins. Surety: John Forsith Smith. Amelia Co., VA.

1771 Oct 24 Elkana Atkins to Sally Austine both of Louisa Co., VA. Goochland Co., VA.

1773 Jan 28 Birth: Sarah Atkinson, daughter of Stephen and Ann Atkinson. Baptized: May 09, 1773. Goochland Co., VA

1775 Sep 25 Thomas Atkinson to Elizabeth Dupuy. Surety: James Dupuy. Cumberland Co., VA

1775 Dec 25 Birth: Elizabeth Atkinson, daughter of Stephen and Ann Atkinson. Baptized: Mar 24, 1776. Goochland Co., VA

1778 Jan 27 Matterson Powers (X) to Elizabeth Atkisson; sec., Josiah Atkisson (X); Wm.Powers consents to son's m'ge, and Wm. Atkisson consents to dau's m'ge. Goochland Co., VA. From William and Mary College Quarterly, Vol. 7, No. 3, p. 199.

1778 Dec 22 Benjamin Overton to Milly Atkinson, daughter of Thomas Atkinson, who consents. Sureity: Joshua Atkinson. Amelia Co., VA

1779 Feb 28 Joseph Atkins to Mildred James. Goochland Co., VA

1780 Jan 28 Edward Atkins to Frances Wisdom, both of Orange Co., VA. Goochland Co., VA.

1782 Aug 26 William Atkinson to Mary Hicks. Security: Edward Tatum. Brunswick Co., VA

1784 Jun 22 William Atkinson (Adkins) and Winnifred Clark(e), daughter of John Clarke. Suriety: James Shelton. Witnesses: Stephen Clarke and John Gill. Goochland Co., VA.

1784 Jun 21 Wm. Adkins to Winifred Clark; sec., James Shelton; John Clark consents to dau's marriage. Goochland Co., VA From William and Mary College Quarterly, Vol. 7, No. 3, p. 200).

1784 May 27 David Adkins to Judith ?. Performed by Rev. William Lovell. Patrick Co., VA

1785 Jun 13 ? Atkins to Abigail Steed. Brunswick Co., VA

1786 Jan 18 Gilbert Atkinson to Elizabeth Roach, who gives own consent. Suriety: James Leaker. Witness: Caty Leaker. Henrico Co., VA.

1786 Mar 3 William Carter to Nancy Attkisson, daughter of Henry Attkisson. Suriety: Charles Attkisson. Goochland Co., VA

1786 May 5 Henry Atkins to Mary Davis (date approx.). Performed by James Shelburne. Lunenberg Co., VA

1786 May 24 William Mallory to Sarah Atkins. Security: Zach. Sims. Brunswick Co., VA

1786 Sep 25 Alexander Green to Sarah Atkins, daughter of John , deceased. Brunswick Co., VA

1787 William Attkisson to Celia Ann Oglesby, daughter of William Oglesby, Sr. and Ann Perkins. Goochland Co., VA. Note: Children of William Atkinson (Attkisson) and Celia Ann Oglesby: Sons: Michael, Hector (went to Alabama), Abner (went to Athens, GA), William, Alexander (went to Jefferson Co., KY) and Rochester. Daughters: Mary (Polly) and Nancy H.

1787 May 24 Henry Estes to Elizabeth Atkinson, daughter of Thomas Atkinson, who consents. Witnesses: John L. Crute and Benjamin Overton. Surety: Benjamin Overton. Amelia Co., VA

1787 Jul 17 James Attkisson to Betsy Saunders. Suriety: George Payne. Goochland Co., VA

1787 Aug 13 William Atkinson, bachelor, to Betsey Gibson, spinster. Suriety: Isaac Gibson. Amherst Co., VA.

1789 Jun 22 William Atkinson to Sarah Parham, daughter of James Parham. Witnesses: Jesse Atkinson and Absalom Atkinson. Brunswick Co., VA.

1789 Jul 29 Joseph Atkins to Ann Atkins. Goochland Co., VA

1790 Aug 6 John Taylor to Alyce Atkins. Security: John Atkins. Brunswick Co., VA

1790 Oct 28 John Brooks to Nancy Atkison. Consent: Sarah Atkison. Suriety: A. Randolph. Goochland Co., VA

1790 Nov 10 Thomas Faughdrew to Polly Atkins, daughter of Judith Atkins. Suriety: R. B. Payne. Witnesses: Stephen Southworth and Joseph Faudree. Goochland Co., VA

1790 Dec 27 Thomas Atkinson to Elizabeth Collier, daughter of Charles Collier. Brunswick Co., VA

1791 Jan 19 Smith Collier to Patsey Atkinson, daughter of William Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1791 Aug 31 Richard Allen, Jr. to Mary Boyd. Surety: Thomas Atkinson. Cumberland Co., VA.

1791 Nov 25 George Atkins to Mary Simms. Brunswick Co., VA

1791 Dec 1 William Austin to Judith Atkinson, daughter of Samuel and Mary Anne Atkinson. Surety: A. Austin. Cumberland Co., VA

1791 Dec 5 Thomas Childress to Elizabeth Atkinson, daughter of Hezekiah Atkinson. Amherst Co., VA

1792 Aug 21 Isaiah Attkisson to Lucy Ellis, daughter of Joseph Ellis. Suriety: Henry Ellis. Witnesses: Stephen Ellis and Charles Ellis. Henrico Co., VA

1793 Jan 26 ? Atkins to Dousey Smith., daughter of James. Brunswick Co., VA

1793 Feb 21 Robert Atkinson to Polly Gaines. Surety: Jacob Gauldin. Cumberland Co., VA.

1794 Nov 25 George Atkins to Mary Simms. Security: Phil Claiborne. Brunswick Co., VA

1795 Oct 24 Nathan Avery to Elizabeth Williams, daughter of Philip Williams. Witnesses: Edward Atkinson and James Atkinson. Sureity: James Atkinson. Amelia Co., VA

1796 Jan 8 Thomas Childress to Elizabeth Atkinson. Surety: Alexander McAlexander. Consent by James McAlexander, guardian. Performed by Rev. William Crawford. Amherst Co., VA.

1796 Jan 9 Charles Attkisson to Mary Lewis. Suriey: John Lewis. Performed by Rev. Charles Hopkins. Goochland Co., VA.

1796 Oct 15 Charles Tuggle to Selah Simmons. Suriety: Ruth Atkinson. Minister: John Nunns. Patrick Co., VA

1797 Jan 18 James Chambliss to Recbecca Atkinson, daughter of Richard and Recbecca Atkisnson. Brunswick Co., VA

1797 Dec 21 Wingfield Harris to Sally Attkisson, daughter of Sally Attkisson - guardian of Wingfield. Suriety: Thomas Shelton. Witnesses: Richard Johnson and George Hunter. Performed by Rev. Richard Johnson. Goochland Co., VA

1798 Jun 2 John Attkison to Susanna Hodges. Suriety: Thomas Hodges, Jr. Performed by Rev. Charles Hopkins. Goochland Co., VA

1798 Aug 27 Joseph Attkisson to Marinda Shelton. Suriety: Thomas Shelton. Performed by: Rev. Richard Johnson. Goochland Co., VA

1798 Dec 22 James Atkinson, of New Kent Co., VA to Elizabeth Smith. Thomas Starke, guardian of Elizabeth gives consent. Suriety: Charles Smith. Henrico Co., VA

1799 Mar 27 Walker Atkinson to Rachel Sandidge. Surety: Waller Sandidge. William Atkinson, father of Walker, consents. John Sandidge, father of Rachel, consents. Amherst Co., VA.

1799 Oct 9 Henry Atkinson to Elizabeth Rossett. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1800 Aug 25 John Atkinson to Elizabeth Lundia. Brunswick Co., VA

1800 Nov 25 George Stegall to Catherine Atkins. Brunswick Co., VA

1800 Dec 23 Jeremiah Atkinson to Betsy Meadors (Meadows). Sureity: Thomas Meador. Performed by : Rev. John Pollard. Amelia Co., VA

1801 Jun 15 Lewis Atkinson to Sally Taylor. James Taylor, father of Sally. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1801 Dec 15 William Gee to Susan Atkins, daughter of Richard and Rebecca. Brunswick Co., VA

1802 Jan 7 Major Faudree to Patsey Attkisson, daughter of Judith Attkisson. Suriety: Elisha Barnett. Witnesses: Robert Powers and Joseph Faudree. Goochland Co., VA

1802 Sep 3 George Atkins to Lucretia Taylor. Brunswick Co., VA

1803 Aug 30 John Patterson to Elizabeth Attkisson. Consent: Judah (Judith ?) Attkisson. Suriety: Major Faudree. Witness: Stephen Clarke. Goochland Co., VA.

1805 Apr 15 Jesse Atkinson to Rachel Madding. Suriety: Samuel Atkinson. Minister: John Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1806 Stephen Atkisson to Sally Frans (or Franz). Bondsman: Gabriel Penn. Performed by: Maning Hill. Patrick Co., VA

1806 Mar 06 James H. Atkinson to Rebecca Vaughn. Suriety: Henry Vaughn. Henrico Co., VA

1806 Jul 21 Thomas Green to Jane Attkison, daughter of Judith Attkison. Suriety: Spotswood Childress. Witness: Nelson Childress. Goochland Co., VA.

1806 Aug 28 Daniel Hubbard to Frances Attkisson, daughter of Josiah Attkisson. Suriety: Thomas Attkison. Performed by Rev. Charles Hopkins. Goochland Co., VA.

1806 Sep 8 William Attkisson to Frances Attkisson, daughter of John Attkisson. Suriety: Peter Attkisson. Witness: Thomas Loyd. Goochland Co., VA

1806 Dec 8 William Atkins to Sarah Burge. Brunswick Co., VA

1806 Dec 20 Jesse Mitchell to Patsey Atkins, daughter of William Atkins. Brunswick Co., VA

1807 Jesse Atkinson to Polley Williams, daughter of Garrott Williams. Security: William Atkisson. Patrick Co., VA

1807 May 18 Edmund Atkinson to Winnifred Martin. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1807 Sep 14 Abbie Atkins to Lucy Freeman. Lunenberg Co., VA

1807 Oct 29 Thomas Swepston to Elizabeth Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1808 Mar 11 Richard M. Harwell to Mary Atkinson, daughter of Sarah. Brunswick Co., VA

1808 Jul 11 Theodore Alexander Gerard to Martha Atkinson, daughter of John Atkinson who is suriety. Henrico Co., Va.

1808 Dec 22 William Williams to Mary Attkisson, daughter of Josiah Attkisson. Suriety: Thomas Attkisson. Performed by Rev. Lewis Chanudoin. Goochland Co., VA

1808 Dec 23 Richard Coleman to Dorothy Atkinson. Brunswick Co., VA

1809 Jul 1 Nelson Childress to Milly Attkisson. Suriety: Spotswood Childress. Goochland Co., VA

1809 Oct 2 Edward Atkinson to Sally Drake (over 21). Suriety: Thomas Rice. Witnesses: Samuel Drake from Amelia Co., VA and Conrad Speece. Powhattan Co., VA

1810 May 21 Charles Gibson to Sarah Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1810 Oct 6 Thomas Atkins to Creecy (Lucrecia) Birdsong, daughter of Merrit B. Birdsong. Brunswick Co., VA

1811 Apr 1 Leonard W. Ligon to Elizabeth Atkinson. Surety: Samuel Atkinson. Cumberland Co., VA.

1811 Dec 15 David Croor to Rebecca Adkins, daughter of Richadard Adkins. Brunswick Co., VA

1812 Dec 14 William Henry Gowens to Judith Attkison. Suriety: Pleasant Attkisson, Jr. Goochland Co., VA

1813 Jan 1 Robert Walter to Elizabeth Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1813 Jan 13 Robert Scruggs to Maria Atkinson, daughter of Samuel Atkinson. Surety: Daniel A. Wilson. Teste.: R. Austin and Leonard W. Ligon. Cumberland Co., VA.

1813 Feb 6 Moses Mann to Elizabeth Ann Attkisson, daughter of Charles Attkisson. Suriety: Benjamin B. Duke. Goochland Co., Va.

1813 Dec 21 George Gardner to Mary Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1814 Jan 13 Pendleton R. Childress to Maria Attkisson, daughter of Jonah Attkisson. Suriety: John J. Childress. Goochland Co., VA.

1814 Dec 1 Obituary: Lewis Atkinson of Richmond, VA. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 3, col 8)

1814 Dec 27 Anne Atkinson, daughter of Robert Atkinson of Mansfield to William Patterson (Richmond). (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 3, col. 5)

1815 Oct 20 Henry Atkinson to Lucy Davis. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1816 Jan 13 Jess A. Bonner to Susan W. Atkinson. Brunswick Co., VA

1816 Mar 25 George J. Stainback to Susan Atkerson, daughter of Sarah. Brunswick Co., VA

1817 Apr 21 Edward Atkinson to Polly Farris. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1818 Sep 28 Hartwell Hitchcock to Frances P. Atkinson. Brunswick Co., VA

1819 Mar 15 Joseph Flippen to Judith Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1819 Mar 9 Daniel E. Atkins to Nancy Walthall. Security: Richard H. Morris. Amelia Co., VA

1819 Sep 3 David N. Cardoza to Mary Ann Atkinson. Suriety: Richard S. Eggleston. Consent: Ro. Scruggs, guardian of Mary Ann. Witnesses: G. P. Scruggs and Wm. Frayser. Cumberland Co., VA

1819 Sep 4 Lewis Hardy to Polly Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1819 Sep 10 Marriage: James M. Adkins to Mary J. Walker. Brunswick Co., VA

1821 May 18 Deaths: Robert Atkinson, Mansfield. Henrico Co. VA

1821 Jul 18 James M. Adkins to Sarah V. Collier. Brunswick Co., VA

1821 Nov 14 Charles W. Atkinson to Nancy Willis. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1823 Feb 8 Harrison P. Atkinson to Leprade Jemima. Ptiisylvania Co., VA

1823 Feb 15 James W. Atkinson to Charlotte E. Stith. Brunswick Co., VA

1823 Feb 18 Caroline E. Atkinson, daughter of Roger, Olive Hill to Philip Mayo of Richmond. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 3, col. 6)

1824 Jul 19 Jeremiah Morrison to Polly Atkinson. Patrick Co., VA

1825 Mar 15 Catharine T. Atkinson of Green Co., GA to Dr. R. Q. Dickinson formerly of Richmond VA. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 3, col 5)

1825 Sep 19 Owen Atkinson to Fanny Campbell. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1825 Dec 19 Greenville P. Dodson to Sarah Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1825 Lucinda Atkisson to Thomas Jefferson Jarvis. Daughter of William Atkisson. Witness: John D. Atkisson. Patrick Co., VA

1826 Jan 21 Braxton Atkisson to Mary Flippin, daughter of Samuel Flippen of Stokes Co., NC. Minister: Joshua Adams. Patrick Co., VA

1826 Aug 18 Obituary: Nancy Atkinson, wife of Presley T. Atkinson. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 3, col 5)

1826 Oct 5 Henry M. Atkinson to Mary Carter. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1826 Nov 21 Thomas Adkins of Richmond, VA to Louisa Harris, daughter of Maj. John Harris of Chesterfield Co., VA. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 3, col 6)

1827 Jan 4 John Atkinson to Martha Johnson. Consent: Sarah Johnson, guardian of daughter, Martha Johnson, Jan 01, 1827. Teste: William Armistead. Cumberland Co., VA

1827 Oct 16 John W. Atkinson to Martha Ann Staples. Henry Co., VA

1828, Jan 1 George W. Atkinson of Richmond VA to Elizabeth Redd, daughter of Thomas Redd. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 3, col 6)

1828 Dec 29 James B. Atkinson to Eady Riddle. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1829 Mar 9 Daniel E. Atkins to Nancy Walthall. Security: Richard H. Morris. Amelia Co., VA

1829 Oct 31 Obituary: Roger Atkins of Olive Hill, VA. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 4, col 1)

1830 May 28 Amos Allen Atkinson of Alabama to Elizabeth B. Cocke of Henry Co., VA (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 3, col. 5). Henry Co., VA

1830 Oct 19 Deaths: Thomas Adkins in "Richmond Whig" Henrico Co., VA

1830 Nov 9 Obituary: Elizabeth Atkinson, wife of George M. Atkinson. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 3, col 6)

1831 May 10 Peyton Nowlin to Susan J. Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1832 Mar 17 Miles Atkinson to Jane Keeling. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1832 Mar 19 Isaac King to Lavinia Hix. Surety: John Atkinson. Teste: Anthony A. Wallace. Cumberland Co., VA.

1832 Dec 25 Dudley Peebles to Lucy Y. Atkinson, daughter of John. Brunswick Co., VA

1833 Mar 4 James E. P. Hunnicutt to Martha L. Atkinson, daughter of John Atkinson. Brunswick Co., VA

1833 Jun 21 Robert A. Atkinson of Lunenburg Co., VA to Elizabeth S. Nelson, daughter of Robert Nelson of Halifax Co., VA. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 3, col 6)

1833 Nov 26 Rawley A. Hancock to Nancy F. Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1834 Aug 18 John P. Atkinson to Mary L. Harwell. Brunswick Co., VA

1834 Dec 22 Pegram R. Braswell to Mary A. B. Atkins. Brunswick Co., VA

1834 Dec 22 John Atkinson to Mary Owen. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1835 Apr 29 John Powers to Lurena Atkinson. Surety: James D. Weymouth, ward of Lurena Atkinson. Cumberland Co., VA

1835 Jun 02 Clifton Barrett to Betsy Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA.

1837 Mar 13 Howard Croft to Lucy D. Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1837 Dec 18 William H. Shields to Sarah Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1838 Dec 25 James B. Atkinson to Susan F. Shelton. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1841 Mar 22 Edward H. Atkinson to Susan M. Burck. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1842 Dec 19 Thomas B. Atkinson to Mary Patterson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1843 Dec 18 Scarlett M. Atkinson to Rhoda Banes. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1843 Dec 29 Thomas Hines to Chloe Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1845 Jan 3 Obituary: Mary L. Atkinson, wife of John P. Atkinson of Brunswick Co., VA (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 1, col. 1)

1845 Jan 8 Uriah T. Atkinson to Lucy Woodson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1845 Feb 03 Edward Atkinson to Louisa Morris. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1845 Jun 24 Sarah S. Atkinson, daughter of Hiram Atkinson, to Youel G. Rust of Richmond, VA. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 8, col 6)

1845 Dec 18 Joshua Buckley to Lucinda Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1846 Dec 1 Margaret F. Atkinson, daughter of Joseph Atkinson of Smithfield to Alexander K. Parker of Richmond, VA. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 4, col 6)

1847 May 25 Elizabeth Withers Atkinson, daughter of Roger B. Atkinson, to Rev. Henry C. Lacy. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 4, col 6)

1847 Jun 7 Elijah Deaton to Mrs. Nancy W. Atkins. Security: Robert Vaughn. Amelia Co., VA

1847 Dec 20 Thomas Shields to Mary R. Atkinson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1848 Jul 4 Obituary: Mary Dade Atkinson, daughter of George R. and Georgianna T. Atkinson. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 2, col 7)

1849 Oct 9 Obituary: Margaret Mutter Atkinson, daughter of Gen. Roger P. Atkinson of Warren Co., MS. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 4, col 5)

1850 Jan 14 Obituary: William Atkinson, son of Eli Atkinson of Monroe Co., AL (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 4, col 6)

1850 Jan 8 Joseph P. Atkinson to Susan E. Atkinson. Goochland Co., VA

1850 Feb 28 Chisholm Atkinson to Elizabeth Atkinson. Goochland Co., VA

1850 Nov 18 Edward W. Atkinson to Frances Simpson. Pittsylvania Co., VA

1851 Jun 17 Obituary: Rev. Joseph W. Atkinson (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 4, col 6)

1851 Jul 4 Presley T. Atkinson to Rebecca Davenport. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 4, col 6)

1854 Jan 10 John W. Adkins of Goochland Co., VA to Maria Crump, daughter of Dr. William Crump of Powhatan Co, VA. (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 1, col 6)

1858 Dec 10 Obituary: Thomas Chalkley Atkinson (Richmond VA Enquirer, p. 1, col 8)

Frans, Franz or France Marriages

FRANCE, Adenor Merit, William 9/18/1802 Stokes Co., NC
Hopkins, Richard Jr. FRANS, Charlotte Mar 4, 1838 Patrick Co., VA
FRANS, Daniel Crutchen, Sophia 1/19/1797 Patrick Co., VA
FRANCE, Dina James, Eli 9/16/1822 Stokes Co., NC
FRANCE, Emmelia Mounce, John 12/20/1832 Stokes Co., NC
FRANCE, H.C. PENN, Martha A.C. 10/12/1841 Patrick Co., VA
Murphy, Edw. FRANS, Harriet Aug 14, 1828 Patrick Co., VA
FRANCE, Henry Carter, Sarah 11/1/1792 Patrick Co., VA
FRANS, John Jones, Polly Jan 26, 1803 Patrick Co., VA
FRANS, John J.  Flippin, Leah W.  9/14/1846 Stokes Co., NC
FRANS, Joseph Spencer, Matilda Oct 10, 1840 Patrick Co., VA
Zigler, Reuben FRANS, Lucy Feb 10, 1831 Patrick Co., VA
FRANCE, Matilda Burgess, John 2/9/1837 Henry Co., VA
FRANCE, Melchizebeck  George, Nancy 11/16/1826 Stokes Co., NC
FRANS, Michael Henry, Rebecca 1/5/1798 Stokes Co., NC
Lee, John G. FRANS, Nancy  Sep 22, 1841 Patrick Co., VA
FRANS, Nancy Critz, Frederick 1/23/1812 Patrick Co., VA
Shelton, James FRANS, Polly  Mar 29, 1832  Patrick Co., VA
Stanley, Reuben D. FRANS, Polly Feb 27, 1834 Patrick Co., VA
Thomas, Washington FRANS, Polly Mar 16, 1806 Patrick Co., VA
FRANCE, Sally Tilley, Edmund 1/17/1807 Stokes Co., NC
FRANCE, Samuel Sturdiven, Franky 3/4/1841 Stokes Co., NC
FRANCE, Sarah Colley, John 10/17/1780 Henry Co., VA
Lee, John G. FRANS, Susan  Jan 16, 1823 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Gabriel FRANS, Suzanna  Sep 25, 1833  Patrick Co., VA
FRANS, William Clark, Ruth Feb 23, 1832 Patrick Co., VA
FRANS, William Harrison, Hannah Feb 26, 1811 Patrick Co., VA
FRANCE, William Land, Unity 10/19/1815 Stokes Co., NC


PENN Marriages

PENN, Abraham Stovall, Ruth Mar 3, 1767 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, Abraham Reid, Catharine Feb 26, 1824 Bedford Co., VA
PENN, Abraham Chitwood, Elizabeth Dec 21, 1805 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Alexander Watts, Nancy Nov 11, 1805 Amherst Co., VA
Mays, Garland PENN, Amanda Nov 4, 1833 Amherst Co., VA
Savage, John PENN, Ann Oct 1, 1775 Amherst Co., VA
Evans, Thomas PENN, Ann  Nov 2, 1795 Amherst Co., VA
Crawford, William S. PENN, Ann Fox May 8, 1827 Amherst Co., VA
Staples, William C. PENN, Ann M. Jul 20, 1847 Patrick Co., VA
Cashwell, William PENN, Betsey Nov 7, 1791 Amherst Co., VA
Shepherd, David PENN, Betsey May 4, 1778 Amherst Co., VA
Holder, John W. PENN, Catharine  Jul 20, 1808 Amherst Co., VA
Payne, George B. PENN, Catherine Oct 4, 1839 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, Charles A. Coleman, Mary C. Jun 15, 1838 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, Clark [Maj] Harris, Mary M. Apr 24, 1826 Bedford Co., VA
PENN, Columbus Rives, Francis Aug 11, 1829 Henry Co., VA
PENN, Eiza  HARISTON, Samuel W. 26 Oct 1848 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Elizabeth  BANKS, William Jr  4 Feb 1808 Patrick Co., VA
Lee, William PENN, Elizabeth Jan 24, 1809 Amherst Co., VA
Day, Henry F. PENN, Elizabeth Jan 24, 1824 Amherst Co., VA
Banks, William PENN, Elizabeth Jan 20, 1808 Patrick Co., VA
Dillard, George PENN, Elizabeth Oct 2, 1792 Amherst Co., VA
Jordan, Hezekiah T. PENN, Elizabeth J. Nov 6, 1850 Bedford Co., VA
White, Samuel PENN, Fanny Dec 6, 1793 Amherst Co., VA
Rodes, David PENN, Fanny  May 4, 1846 Bedford Co., VA
PENN, Edmund Farris, Polly Jun 11, 1816 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Edmund Reid, Mary Ann May 1, 1831 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Frances  BANKS, William Jr  12 Oct 1814 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Frances  DILLARD, George  1 Dec 1852 Patrick Co., VA
Banks, William PENN, Frances Oct 12, 1814 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Gabriel FRANS, Suzanna Sep 25, 1833  Patrick Co., VA
CALLAWAY, Sarah  PENN, Gabriel  24 Sep 1761 Bedford Co., VA
PENN, Gabriel Clark, Jinsey Feb 6, 1797 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Gabriel Crutcher, Charlott Dec 20, 1794 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Gabriel FRANS, Suzanna Sep 25, 1833 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, George Farriss, Patty Dec 8, 1784 Henry Co., VA
PENN, Greenville Leath, Nancy May 5, 1803 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Grenville Reid, Patsy Jan 1, 1821 Bedford Co., VA
PENN, Horatio Parr, Nancy Jul 13, 1807 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, James Leath, Catherine May 10, 1808 Patrick Co., VA
COWAN, Peggy  PENN, James  20 Feb 1787 Bedford Co., VA
PENN, James Shelton, Mary Nov 10, 1818 Henry Co., VA
PENN, James Cooper, Jane Oct 6, 1812 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, James Major, Mary Dec 5, 1791 Amherst Co., VA
Scott, John PENN, Jane Jun 21, 1813 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, Joseph Mcguffey, Rebecca Sep 2, 1796 Patrick Co., VA
KING, Sally  PENN, Joseph  20 Apr 1790 Bedford Co., VA
PENN, Joseph Burros, Lucy Dec 4, 1780 Amherst Co., VA
Moss, Anderson PENN, Lucy Dec 31, 1796 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, Luvinna  CRITZ, Archelaus 17 May 1831 Patrick Co., VA
Critz, Archilaus PENN, Lavenia May 1, 1831 Patrick Co., VA
Zentmeyer, J. N. PENN, Martha Sep 15, 1847 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Martha A C  FRANCE, H C 12 Oct 1841 Patrick Co., VA
Stenchcomb, Absolam PENN, Mary Dec 24, 1785 Amherst Co., VA
Walker, Joel PENN, Mary Feb 21, 1775 Amherst Co., VA
Nash, Abner PENN, Matilda Jul 11, 1792 Amherst Co., VA
Ross, Nathaniel PENN, Milley Dec 20, 1794 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Moses White, Edney Oct 19, 1824 Bedford Co., VA
Lee, Francis PENN, Nancy Nov 1, 1786 Amherst Co., VA
Taylor, David PENN, Nancy Feb 8, 1800 Patrick Co., VA
Haskins, Thomas PENN, Parmelia Sep 14, 1787 Amherst Co., VA
Philpot, Alexander PENN, Patsy Dec 10, 1807 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Peter P. Mcdonald, Elizabeth Apr 15, 1834 Henry Co., VA
PENN, Peter P. Harris, Thomas R. Jan 12, 1830 Bedford Co., VA
PENN, Phillip Briscoe, Louisa Sep 22, 1813 Pittsylvania Co., VA
PENN, Phillip Briscoe, Louisa Sep 22, 1813 Patrick Co., VA
Foster, Charles PENN, Polley Sep 1, 1811 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Polly  FOSTER, Charles 8 Sep 1811 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Polly  FARRIS, Josiah 1825 Patrick Co., VA
Ferress, Josiah PENN, Polly Apr 8, 1825 Patrick Co., VA
Harrison, James PENN, Polly Nov 8, 1780 Amherst Co., VA
Edmunds, William PENN, Polly A. Mar 29, 1805 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, Robert A. Coleman, Lucy C. Jan 25, 1825 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, Robert Steptoe, Lucy Jun 15, 1814 Bedford Co., VA
Martin, Samuel PENN, Ruth Aug 25, 1821 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Ruth  ABINGTON, Joseph F 21 Mar 1827 Patrick Co., VA
Baker, William PENN, Sally Aug 28, 1801 Amherst Co., VA
Dillard, John PENN, Sally Sep 17, 1791 Amherst Co., VA
Crews, Thomas PENN, Sally Dec 29, 1804 Amherst Co., VA
Holloway, Robert PENN, Sarah Nov 18, 1797 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, Sarah Norton, John 7/26/1783 Henry Co., VA
PENN, Seaton M. Lee, Sophia Aug 25, 1804 Amherst Co., VA
Snead, Thomas PENN, Senthey Feb 5, 1798 Patrick Co., VA
Crawford, William S. PENN, Sophia Nov 16, 1785 Amherst Co., VA
Harrison, Richard Jr. PENN, Sophia [Mrs] Aug 13, 1810 Amherst Co., VA
Gilliam, James PENN, Susanna Aug 18, 1794 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, Thomas Leath, Patsy Nov 24, 1805 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Thomas Stephens, Behethland Sep 27, 1796 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, Thomas J. PENN, Lucinda C. Feb 17, 1840 Patrick Co., VA
PENN, Turner Humbles, Joyce Aug 13, 1807 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, Wilson Taliaferro, Frances Sep 8, 1796 Amherst Co., VA
PENN, Wilson Cheatwood, Sally Dec 28, 1796 Patrick Co., VA
FURBUSH, Polly  PENN, William 9 Jun 1800 Bedford Co., VA



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