The Bunn Branch

Special thanks goes to Estelle Williams of Talladega, Alabama.  Aunt Estelle has been the keeper of so much Atkisson and Bunn family information over the years.

  Here are surnames allied with our Bunn family. Have fun!

  We have collected research notes for our Bunns in Wake Co., NC, Fayette Co., GA, as well as Talladega and Clay Counties of AL.  **** under construction ****

  Here are some Bunn and allied family marriage records. **** under construction ****

  We have collected Federal and State level census records of Bunn in the South. Take a look at the Census materials. Do you have additions or corrections to suggest? If so drop us a line. **** under construction ****

  We have collected family photographs for our line of Bunns (available on CD only).  Do you have any to share? **** under construction ****


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This document was last updated 9/8/2010