The Gunter Branch

Our branch is from Banks Gunter, a son of Joshua Gunter (see below).  Banks is born in SC about 1795 and lives along the Edisto River in the vicinity of Chinquapin Creek and Lightwood Knot Creek in Lexington Co., SC,   He dies before 1860 and much of his family moves to Talladega and Clay Counties in Alabama.  

  Here are surnames allied with the Banks Gunter family. 

Banks' father is Joshua Gunter, the founder of a large Gunter line, now scattered throughout the United States.  Joshua is born in NC and settles along the Edisto River in SC shortly after the American Revolution.   

1.         Joshua Gunter, b. abt 1750 in Jones Co., NC,[i][i] (son of John Gunter and Lucy Koonce?) d. abt 1833 in Lexington Co., SC, probably buried in Fell Gunter - Sugar Bottom Cemetery, census 1790 Orangeburg Co., SC, census 1800, 1810, 1820 Lexington Co., SC.

     He married Keziah Banks, b. abt 1755 in VA, (daughter of David Banks and Elizabeth Jones Mitchell) d. aft 1805 in Lexington Co., SC.


            2.       i      Russel Gunter b. abt 1778.

            3.       ii     Balaam Gunter b. abt 1780.

            4.       iii    Rivers Gunter b. abt 1782.

            5.       iv    William Gunter b. abt 1784.

            6.       v     Abel Gunter b. abt 1790.

            7.       vi    Joshua Gunter, Jr. b. abt 1792.

            8.       vii   Banks Gunter b. abt 1795.

            9.       viii  Benjamin Gunter b. abt 1803.


Special thanks goes to L.H. Buff, Jr. of Spartanburg, SC.  He is the author of the most important book on the line of Joshua Gunter that settled along the Edisto River of South Carolina.  

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[i][i]  L.H. Buff, Jr., Gunters Along the Edisto  (Spartanburg, SC  1987).