The Sexton Branch

Here are surnames allied with our Sexton family. Have fun!

  We have collected research notes for our Sextons in the Spartanburg County, SC, Gwinnett County, GA and Calhoun County, AL. Hope you find it useful.

  Charles W. "Chuck" Sexton of Austin, TX has compiled additional research on the Sexton Family.  He descends from the John Sexton>Hilliard Warren Sexton line of SC, GA and AL.  Chuck's work can be found at the Charles W. Sexton Family Web Site.  

Here are some Sexton and allied family marriage records. *** under construction ****

  We have collected Federal and State level census records of Sextons in the South. Take a look at the Census materials. Do you have additions or corrections to suggest. If so, drop us a line. 

  Seaborn Sexton (the father of James Seaborn Sexton on the previous page) served in the 48th AL Infantry during the War of Northern Aggression.  Sadly he died and was never returned home. The original 48th AL Regiment, whose members were known as the 'Fortykin', is faithfully remembered by the brothers John and James George and the 48th AL Reenactment Unit. John and James are living historians and were responsible for planning and conducting a Confederate Memorial Service for Seaborn and three of his Peace brothers in law at Littlejohn Cemetery, near Piedmont, AL on July 4, 1997. Our family is grateful for the work they do to keep alive the memory of the brave soldiers of the Old South. Pictures to come soon!

  We have collected family photographs for our line of Sextons (available on CD only).  Do you have any to share?


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