The Starnes

Much is owed to those who have blazed the family history trail for the Starnes family. In particular, special thanks goes to Gerald and Herman Starnes who co-authored the book, Of Them That Left a Name Behind - A History of the Starnes Family, 1983 Gateway Press.

Also, to Sterling O. Kimball for his excellent book, The Mohawk Valley Starings and Allied Families, 1998 Herkimer County Historical Society.

Finally, our gratitude goes to the Starnes Triennial Association (STA) for their continued work to preserve the Starnes family history. Sanford Steelman, Jr. of NC is the current President.

  Here are surnames allied with our Starnes family.  Have fun!

  US Census records of Starnes families in SC and NC. 

**** under construction below this line****

  We have collected research notes for our Starnes family from NY, PA, southwest VA and Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and Union Counties of NC.

  Here are some Starnes and allied family marriage records.

  We have collected family photographs for our line of the Starnes family.  Do you have any to share?


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